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The best of FM and AM together – Screened images achieve photo appearance!

The RIP software PlugRASTER-HDin enables what offset and commercial printers have wanted for a long time – Printing images that are even better than FM quality while only worrying about the cost and effort for AM. PlugRASTER-HDin gives you much more color stability with perfectly homogeneous fills, and the smoothest of blends with brilliant shades of color. 

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Benefits: The best of AM and FM

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Get a competitive edge by using PlugRASTER-HDin: Even in newspaper print you will achieve quality images which convince both your readers and your ad clients. Images in high definition quality are helping to establish long-term customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. As a result printers and publishers can benefit by growing ad sales and turnover. Also various additional costs can be eliminated: PlugRASTER-HDin easily integrates in your Asura® workflow. Hence updates, backups and changes have only be done once centrally. Moreover no additional license is required for a reserve plate line and there are also no additional investments for infrastructure necessary.

The Homogeneous-HD technology finally allows you to bring together the best of AM and FM and deliver photo quality image printing. Even the smallest detail will be processed perfectly – forget moiré effects and "rosette" patterns.

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinPhoto-quality printing – With Homogeneous HD Technology the combination of the best of AM and FM finally succeeded

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinPerfectly depicts the finest details – No rosettes: e. g. with hair, fur, vegetation and even with tricky mid-tones (such as skin tones

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinLess costs thanks to more efficient utilization of the product license:

  • Updates, backups and changes only need to be implemented once       
  • Unlike as for stand-alone RIPs: No additional PlugRASTER-HDin license for failover require

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinOne stop shop – Reliability with OneVision® technology: Conformity of the data in the workflow and on the printing plate

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinFully integrated into Asura® workflows

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinNew sources of revenue – More advertisements through enhanced image quality

Highlights: Homogeneous-HD technology

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PlugRASTER-HDin's Homogeneous-HD technology brings together the best of FM und AM! The fine rasterising supports an extended color space and is less prone to imprecision – even in news print.

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinUser-managed settings (e. g. dot gain)

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinFaster processing thanks to simultaneous calculation of independent pixel rows

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinAllows homogeneous fills and the smoothest of blends

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinDensitometer function to measure and monitor dot gain

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinNewspapers (even up to 1270 dpi resolution)

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinDepicts very bright and dark tones

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinSmallest details even in the critical mid-tone range (including for newspapers)

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinFine dots without moiré effects or rosettes

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinLess open to registration inaccuracies

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinFine raster for larger color space (including for newspapers)

OneVision check mark - PlugRASTER-HDinTrapping for printing results without unsightly white spaces

Before and after screening through Homogeneous HD Raster Technology

Before and after Homogenous HD Raster example 'eye details'
Before and after Homogenous HD Raster example 'food'
Before and after Homogenous HD Raster example 'line details'
Before and after Homogenous HD Raster example 'No.1 details'
Before and after Homogenous HD Raster example 'nature details'

What our customers say about PlugRASTER-HDin

Straubinger Tagblatt Mediengruppe Logo

Sven Lahrssen, Assistant Technical Management, Media Group Straubinger Tagblatt/Landshuter Zeitung:
"With homogeneous raster HD technology we can reproduce any level of color tone and even print our newspapers in photo-quality. We now use PlugRASTER-HDin across our entire production."